What is angles morts?

Angles Morts translates to “dead angle”, the equivalent to what we refer to in the UK as a driver’s “Blind Spot”.  It’s the area the driver can’t easily see from their driving position, even with the aid of their vehicle’s mirrors.

The term “Angles Morts” became better known in the UK HGV haulage industry after the French Government passed a decree stating vehicles over 3.5 tonnes  (including, Abnormal Loads / Convoi Exceptionnel) travelling through France were required to affix special “Angles Morts” (blind spot) signage to their vehicles to warn other road users of the dangers.

What is the French decree 2020-1396?

The French Decree 2020-1396, of 17 November 2020, concerns the required signage of blind spots on vehicles with a permissible gross vehicle weight exceeding 3.5 tonnes.  The decree was passed and came into effect on the 1st January 2021.

The decree states, that signage showing the position of the blind spots must be affixed to the vehicle, providing, “…the greatest possible visibility, in particular for cyclists, pedestrians and users of personal mobility devices”.  The exact size, design and location of the sign must be displayed in accordance with the decree.

Penalty and Fines

A penalty can result in a French 4th class penalty fine, typically €135, however this can fluctuate and also incur up to a maximum of 6 penalty points too.

Angles Morts Application Guidelines

  1. When ordering Angles Morts signage notice the different designs based on whether the vehicle is transporting goods or people (ie. for coaches etc).
  2. Signage must be placed between, as close as possible, to 90m and 1.50m above the ground.
  3. Signage must be placed in such a way that is does do not cover the vehicle’s regulatory plates and inscriptions, any of the lights or signals, and do not hinder the driver’s field of view.
  4. Vehicles need to apply signage in the positions indicated on both sides of the vehicle and at the back of the vehicle and trailers.
angles mort dead spot

How to position the Angles Morts Signs.

The Angles Morts signs should be positioned as follows:


At the sides of the front of the cab, not to be placed on windows.  To be placed between 0.9 metre and 1.5 metres from the ground (or as close to this as possible) and 1 metre from the front of the vehicle.

Abnnormal Loads EAL


To the rear of the vehicle, on the right-hand side, looking at the rear, on the French kerbside.   The sign should be position again, between 0.9 and 1.5 metres from the ground.


On trailers, at the sides of the front between 0m-1m behind the kingpin (for semi-trailers) or the front of the body of other trailers.


On trailers, on the rear of the vehicle, on the right-hand side (looking at the rear, i.e. French kerbside.)

Signage specification

  1. The dimensions of the signs must be 25cm x 17cm.
  2. Colour

RAL Colour: Red 3024 – Yellow 021 – Yellow Shadow 1027 – Orange 2008 – Black 9005

Pantone Colour : Red 185 – Yellow 012 – Yellow Shadow 3975 – Orange 716 – Black


Angles Morts Signage Design Files. – DOWNLOAD

Decree 2020-1396 article (in French) URL LINK

Signage User Guide: Download DOWNLOAD


 French Angles Morts Awareness Campaign.

 Understanding Angles Morts / Blind Spots  DOWNLOAD

 UK Blind Spot Awareness Campaign

Highways England has provided a blind spot awareness campaign featuring this blind spot awareness poster and a virtual reality mobile app (HGV Blind spots Awareness VR – Apple App and Android App) to highlight and demonstrate the issues blind spots give drivers.

EAL Logistics Ltd, specialise in supporting hauliers with their abnormal load (convoy exceptionnel) logistics and can assist with all regulatory and legal requirements and signage. Contact us to learn more on +441243828040 or info@eallogistics.co.uk.